Daniel is a singer-songwriter, a Colorado native, and loves his mother. His piano-based pop songs explore the journey through life, love, and lessons, with an emphasis on redemption through perseverance. Fondly referred to as DHD by those closest to him, Daniel entered the studio for the first time at 15, a journey that has lead him to the release of his latest record, After LA, which marks the 4th project in his ever growing catalogue.  

Growing up singing in the church and theater, DHD began writing original songs in his early teens. He attended the University of Denver, receiving a Bachelor's of Music in vocal performance, and then relocated to Los Angeles with the promise of making his mark. While in LA, Daniel recorded Chosen Child (2004), his first full band recording that afforded him the opportunity to work with some amazingly talented musicians.  LA was not without it's basket of challenges, but served as an exciting way to learn more about the music business and develop his craft.  He still often plays in and around the Denver area - where he is caught singing anywhere they will lend him a piano.  He is writing an original musical, accepted his dream job, and is a big explosive ball of gratitude walking around the city.

Faith is paramount for Daniel, and he strives to translate this into his music. With this faith comes a strong sense of social responsibility, and aside from making great music it is his desire to use it as a vehicle to positively affect change. In the past, Daniel has partnered with organizations such as: charity:water, The Matthew Shepard Foundation, and International Justice Mission. "I am as passionate about improving the lives of those in need as I am in making good music. I am still a work in progress and am excited to see what the next chapter holds."  On behalf of the Daniel Dillard and his creative team, thanks for checking him out. 

You can find Daniel's work at http://danieldillardmusic.bandcamp.com/ and also on itunes.  We hope to see you at a live show soon.